36th NCSS Rally
Delivered By
Brian Cructher and Area Ministers
Delivered On
August 19, 2012
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The Rally

Song Leader             Bro. Clinton Williams (Beltway)

Prayer                         Bro.  Raymond Flennaugh, Elder (Beltway)

Scripture Reading   Bro. Elliott Steele (Beltway)

Welcome                   Minister Jonathan Pinkerton (Beltway)

Greetings                   NCSS Host  Willie Hubbard Jr., Minister (District Heights)

The Seminar             NCSS Coordinator, Brian Crutcher (Georgia Avenue)                     

Prayer                         Bro. Michael Titre (Beltway)

Moderator                  Bro. Charles Davenport (Beltway)    

Topic 1                        Bro. Jonathan Pinkerton, Minister (Beltway) ‘Singles Never Married’ (18-39)

Topic 2                        Bro. Bruce Black, Minister (Fairfax) ‘Mature Singles’ (40 & Up)

Topic 3                        Bro. Willie Hubbard Jr., Minister (District Heights) ‘Widows & Divorcees’

Topic 4                        Bro. Nigel McPherson, Minister (Beltway) ‘Single Parents’

Topic 5                        Bro. Ray Bingham, Elder (Fairfax) ‘Stewardship/Leadership’

Songs Leader           Bro. Robert Garrett (Beltway)

Prayer                         Bro. Anthony Parker (Beltway)

Invitation                     Bro. Jonathan Pinkerton, Minister (Beltway)

Song                           Bro. Robert Garrett (Beltway) for invitation

Q & A                           Bro. Brian Crutcher (Georgia Avenue)

Closing Prayer          Bro. Kenneth McClary (Fairfax)