September 2017  
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Technology MInistry

Brother Anthony Person


The mission of the Audio/Visual Technology Committee is to design, develop, acquire, deploy and maintain first-class, cost-effective, accessible/useable audio/visual/media and information technologies to support Beltway’s overall goal of spreading the word of God. 


Discussion: While the audio/visual/media technologies are, well-defined and deployed in Beltway, we shall need to build an overall information technology infrastructure with the Internet and Web as the linchpin technologies for that construct. Building such will help enable the work of other BCOC Ministries and provide critical, real-time, decision-making information needed by the leadership and general doctrinal information for the church membership


Organization: The Technology Ministry will be organized into two distinct, but interdependent functional areas. We understand that to properly perform all the functions of the ministry will take lots of time and resources. 

Technology Ministry Organization and Functions

  • Audiovisual and Media Production Technologies
    • Operate and maintain church’s audiovisual equipment.
    • Prepare video recordings
    • Prepare audio recordings
    • Prepare graphic/computer presentations
    • Prepare audio mixing
    • Prepare audiovisual presentations
    • Operate security surveillance equipment
    • Create video presentations and commercials
    • Direct multimedia productions
    • Edit video and audio productions
    • Prepare Web cast production
    • Produce radio broadcasts
    • Produce television broadcasts
    • Produce church news media
    • Prepare newsletters
    • Produce print advertisements
    • Produce graphics
  • Information Technologies (Web, Internet, etc.)
    • Develop, deploy and maintain Internet digital services (voice, video and television)
    • Develop, deploy and maintain Website (use in-house development expertise)
    • Develop, deploy and maintain phone tree
    • Develop, deploy and maintain attendance-based Web application
    • Develop, deploy and maintain financial management Web application
    • Create Beltway membership database
    • Perform Network administration
    • Enhance Sunday School service operations
    • Upgrade and expand computer training room and installed resources
    • Offer and provide computer literacy training to membership and then to surrounding community